Cycle syncing: how to effectively train in line with your period

How does cycle-syncing work and which Transformative Movement practices to choose

Have you ever noticed that during certain times of the month you are more explosive with energy, creative and focused, while in others all you want to do might be laying on your sofa with a book or get a soothing massage?

If you have a menstrual cycle, cycle syncing - tapping in these natural rhythms connected to the natural fluctuations in your hormonal levels - can help you tailor your movement routine to truly optimise your performance and take advantage of the energy spikes that occur in different phases of the month.

If you don’t have one, tracking the times of the day or the week you are naturally more alert and in a good mood or more introspective and on the slow side (think about your mood in Winter or Summer), and plan different kinds of activities accordingly is still a great strategy. The following tips still apply, the only difference is you have to find a different pattern that makes sense for your body.

Cycle syncing is based on 4 hormonal phases, which affect our body, brain and energy in ways, which are individual, but also pretty consistent and predictable.

Here is how to work with them:


Phase 1️⃣: ❄️ Winter/menstruation (approx day 1-6).

This is the time when you probably feel like turning inwards, moving slowly and resting. A good idea is to reduce unnecessary commitments (it’s a mini lethargy in a sense) and focus on self-care


You may want to prioritise RESTORE or slow and gentle FLOW sessions, which help you soothe pain, stretch out any tension and replenish your body without adding any unnecessary stress. Meditation and breath work will also help you feel more grounded and in a better mood.

Phase 2️⃣: 🌸 Spring/follicular phase (approx day 7-13).

This is the time when estrogen levels rise, bringing a renewed feeling of enthusiasm, optimism and general wellbeing. You may feel more curious, energetic and creative at work as well as in your social life, so it’s a good moment to plan meetings and get-togethers, set new goals and do things that require more effort (including your renovation plans).


There is no better time to embrace fast RELEASE (Barre + Cardio) and challenging EMPOWER (Pilates + Mobility) practices. Your vitality is on the rise, so it is worth using it to try new things out and test your stamina.

Phase 3️⃣: 🌞 Summer/ovulation phase (approx 14-21).

This is your glowing time, where you feel grounded and confident, and clear in your thoughts. You are strong and resilient, possibly the best moment to have difficult conversations or plan presentations and important meetings at work.


Make the most of your energy and courage with EMPOWER (Pilates) and FLOW (Vinyasa) sessions that challenge your increased strength and concentration. Say hello to difficult balance poses, extra props like heavier weights or resistance bands, deeper lunges and, why not, inversions. Always making sure you are in your safe window of effort, of course.

Phase 4️⃣: 🍁 Autumn/luteal phase (approx 21-28).

If you suffer with PMS, this is the time it will hit you.

As energy and tolerance levels begins to drop, start fine tuning your movement practice to gently slow down and reduce the effort.

At work, you can also begin to reduce your commitments when possible and focus on planning and organising (you might feel more detail-oriented in this phase.


If your mood is swinging or you are feeling your vitality is dimming, prioritise slower and more gentle EMPOWER and FLOW sessions where you can still focus on alignment and inner sensations, but better adjust the intensity and still gain the mental concentration you need.

If you are a perfectionist or tend to burn out trying to always perform at your best, remember that noticing how your mood and energy fluctuates in different phases of the month, week or day, and adjusting your activities accordingly is key in shifting towards a more intuitive approach to movement and life.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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