So, if you are here, you are curious or in search of something. Or confused, or perhaps just lost. 

First of all, hello, to different minds and bodies. I want to make this space welcoming and calming for you, even if it is just for the duration of this 2 minute webpage scroll. But before you dive in, you might want to know a little bit more about me. (Although, you can always know a lot more about me on my About page!) 

I am Vanessa Michielon and I have 30 years of combined experience in Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Somatic Movement. In the past few years I've created and curated my very own signature method drawing inspirations from these practices. 
This movement based way of working out not only fires up the muscles in your body, but also stimulates your mind and its wellbeing

It’s not only moving, 
it's Transformative Movement. 

Now, less talking, more moving. 

The Whats, Whys, And Whens of Transformative Movement

What Even? 

If breathing is what ensures that you are living then movement is what sustains and maintains that state of being.  

Transformative Movement is my life’s work. I’ve fused practices, routines, artistic expressions, breathing techniques from all of my Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Dance learnings.  

These all together, have made me who I am. Has transformed me for better.  

And I am here, body and mind, to share my experience of transformation through the language of movement.  

This vision has grown, developed and flourished to have four unique branches. They are fine-tuned to serve your body and mind in specific ways. They are holistic but also distinctive in their purpose and motivation.  

Let’s meet them. 


The movement begins inward.   Strengthen and down-regulate your nervous system. Open yourself to deep breathing and stretching, slow movements and meditation.

Inspirations - Yin Yoga, Somatic Practice, Breathwork

Intensity - 1 to 2

 Learnings Or (State-of-body) - Become familiar with slowing down your breath and heart rate, increasing lung capacity and releasing all that pent-up tension.  
Emotional Awakenings Or (State-of-mind) - Feel safe, relaxed, focused and finally, centered. Like earth, feel stable, solid and unmovable.


The movement speaks.  
 A choreography of continuous circular movements that tackle muscular tension and cramps the right way.  So, if you feel rigid and struggle to break out of your worn out routine, this is what will nudge you to understand your body and mind better.

  Inspirations - Vinyasa Flow, Free Movement  

Intensity - 3 to 6  

Learnings Or (State-of-body) - Learn to contract, relax and work your muscles. Get better at coordination and balance.

  Emotional Awakenings Or (State-of-mind) - We engage in sessions of guided self-exploration and improvisation that aids grace and confidence. Understand and be more receptive to flow and movement, just like water.


 The movement, your movement and you are in charge.
 Think core. Think abdomen. And now think centre of all power - and that is what empower delivers. This routine is intense, technical and challenges you to fire up all your muscles by holding on to them in different patterns and positions.

  Inspirations - Pilates, Mobility.  

Intensity - 5 to 8  

Learnings Or (State-of-body) - Be resilient. Engage in better posture, better stability and  precision. Build strength and release self-doubt.
Emotional Awakenings Or (State-of-mind) - When in doubt, when in a weak spot, when feel spent, this is the routine that recharges and revitalizes your mind and body. Like fire feel your muscles burning and moulding to your liking.


The movement is you.
  Head up, chin up and let’s get that heart-rate up too. Release!  This blend of ecstatic dance, agility drills and fast Ballet moves invites you to not only sweat but pull out all that repressed frustration, energy and sense of stagnancy.  Let go and jump, shake and move to feel light and at ease with everything inside and outside of you.  

  Inspirations - Barre, Cardio, Contemporary Dance  

Intensity - 7 to 8  

Learnings Or (State-of-body) - Amp up your heart-rate with different movement sequences and finish it all thinking you just had the best Dance routine all by yourself.

  Emotional Awakenings Or (State-of-mind) - This music accompanied and vitality boosting practice is sure to usher a sense of exhilaration and upliftment into your very being. Like air, use everything around to move with you. Let nothing weigh you down and learn to take that leap of fate and fly. 

Why Even?

There is a reason why exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Dance and all sorts of different forms of mindful movement have been around for so long. Because, undoubtedly, they work.

Maybe, it didn’t work for you or it was too draining to stand in front of the mirror every morning just to motivate yourself to get on the mat. Point taken.

Now if you already have an over-working mind stressing about this, as well as time-bound goals or external validation or unhealthy physical aspirations, then you’ve taken many steps back.

I invite you to come as you are, relaxed or worried, and feel the movement guide your body and mind. Set goals that are mindful of your body and mind needs and constraints. Let not anything superficial and homogenous standards prey on you.


Is it gonna take 3 days or 3 years? We don’t know. Your mind and body will be able to tell you that much better.

Is it going to start actively working in favour of you? Yes. You will slowly be in touch and in tune with the inner workings of the powerhouse, that is your body.

Are there going to be significant changes in the way you come to think of everything around you and your body? Yes! A million times yes!
Slowly. Gradually. Consciously.

I invite you to deep dive into the practice — a movement that repairs, heals and restores the balance in you, in your own way.