6 months online intensive

6 months online intensive

Part LIVE,  part self-study,  this is a unique online 6-months movement & mindset programme at the crossroad between Yoga Psychology, Pilates, Barre, Contemporary Dance and Self-development, which helps you fall in love with your body, naturally improve your mood and awaken your full potential.


If you...

  • Had the motivation to sweat, stretch, strengthen your body at least 3 times a week (in an intelligent way) 

  • Received a curated programme to follow and work your muscles in a balanced way, while exploring different energies, qualities and intentions 

  • Stopped wasting time scrolling on Instagram or YouTube to find random workouts  

  • Unlocked the secrets to regulate your mood naturally, knowing exactly what to do to calm your body and mind or to get a quick pick-me-up energy boost

  • Left behind bad memories of intimidating gym or studio environments (no #istafitbabes here), negative self-talk and body shaming, and finally found a welcoming and supportive space for you to learn and express yourself without fear of judgment or failure


  • You would feel empowered, focused, creative and resilient to whatever life throws at you. 

  • You would develop a healthier relationship with your body and stop giving up things you love because you are worried about how you look like or afraid you might not be able to cope with the effort. 

  • You would transform the way you feel about exercising once and for all, so that instead of being something you “should do” this is something you are craving for (in a good way)

  • You would understand your reactions to stress and challenges much better, and learn how to shift in the right state of mind to thrive at work, in your relationships and any life projects.


"The programme is amazing. I am very happy to be able to participate in it internationally by virtual,
it motivates me to be a healthier and happy person!"

Muriel J.


Craving for quality me-time and struggling with exercising consistently because of a demanding schedule or difficulty with maintaining your  motivation high

Not a fan of gyms, repetitive and boring workouts or super competitive environments (honestly, who needs extra pressure in life?)

Interested in building a well-balanced and sustainable training routine, which incorporates both energising and calming practices, to improve your strength and stamina as much as your flexibility and relaxation

Curious to explore evidence-supported techniques to calm your nervous system and manage anxiety and stress, and lift your mood up when you feel down

Ready to learn the foundations or boost your technique in Yoga, Pilates and Barre with clear instructions, personal feedback and inclusive variations that make every practice perfect for the way your feel each day


"I realise that I have (for the first time in my life) actually transformed and felt able to maintain my non cardio exercise in a way that fits comfortably into my working week. My body has never been stronger, flexible and more toned".

Alison C. W.

"In the past I’ve always struggled to switch off from surrounding distractions in order to concentrate on my Yoga, but this is no longer the case thanks to the versatility of the lessons. The course is focused on me and on feeling happy with myself".

Lisa D.

"I find your instruction absolutely fantastic, so clear, even in an online environment, it inspires me each week to keep practising and improving. Nothing I have ever done before has been of this high standard".

Jill C.


  • cultivate specific qualities and energies depending on how you feel

  • keep every single joint healthy and mobile with Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Dance (lots of technical tips on your way)

  • improve your posture and flexibility, strength and stamina 

  • release physical and emotional tension, and calm your nervous system with specific breathing and movement techniques

  • trust your intuition by becoming better skilled at reading the signals coming from your body

  • naturally stimulate the production of feel-good hormones and reduce the effects of stress on your immune system 


"Your way of combining Yoga, Pilates and Barre really resonates with me as they become more than an opportunity to "workout". I look forward to moving for the joy of moving. I think what's really special about your classes is that you remove the pressure to do things perfectly or to look a certain way, but still achieve beautiful movement that feels good."

Juliet C.

What is included in the programme?

A discounted 6 months Transformative Movement membership, which means....

  • at least 12 new practices a month from the different strands of the programme (Restore, Flow, Empower and Release), part in LIVE streaming on Zoom, part pre-recorded.
  • Monthly themes and intentions to bring your practice to a new level of introspection and understanding (for instance, to connect to our wisdom, to cultivate solid roots, to expand in space, etc..).
  • unlimited access to the recordings of all the sessions, including a Library of 60 practices. Watch at any time from anywhere.

Which means, access to 72 + new curated practices over 6 months and 60 ready-for-you practices.


  • BONUS 1: The Transformational Power of Movement, a 6 modules self-study course to learn how to regulate your nervous system, balance your emotions and manage stress through body awareness-based techniques, drawing from Yoga Psychology and Neuroscience (pre-recorded videos & workbook). 
  • BONUS 2: The Movement Library, step-by-step tutorials to learn all the secrets to correct and safe technique in Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Contemporary Dance (pre-recorded videos).

Meet your foundations for a sustainable and mindful movement routine


 Feel less contracted and more inward connected, spacious, and at ease with yourself.

Inspirations: Yin Yoga, Somatic Practice, Breathwork

Pre-recorded or LIVE on Mondays 6.30pm UK time


Cultivate fluidity, learn to trust your intuition and express your authentic voice.

Inspirations: Vinyasa Flow, Free Movement

Pre-recorded or LIVE on Saturdays 10am UK time


 Feel stronger, in control and physically and mentally more resilient.
Cultivate better posture, core stability and precision in the way you move.

Inspirations: Pilates, Mobility

Pre-recorded or LIVE on Wednesdays 8am UK time


Reconnect to your life energy, boost your vitality and joy, and get rid of excess tension with an uplifting and regenerating practice on music.

Inspirations: Barre, Cardio, Contemporary Dance

Pre-recorded or LIVE on Thursdays 7pm UK time


"I leave every class feeling 1) exhausted and happy, 2) absolutely impressed about Vanessa's knowledge of human body, mind and the connection between the two, knowledge she keeps pouring in every class and activity she plans 3) wanting more and more of her classes for her ability to make my body become more harmonious and graceful, as well as stronger and full of energy." 

Roberta D.

Hi, I am Vanessa!

Movement has been my medicine and passion for my whole life.

In this programme I have condensed more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Dance, Yoga and Pilates, with a specific focus on the positive effects of movement on our Mental Health.

I can't wait for you to start this journey towards confidence, inner connection and long-lasting wellbeing!


"I’m so lucky to have found Vanessa. She’s an amazing person that truly cares about your mental health and your fitness growth.
Her online classes are very elaborated, with different techniques and focuses added every week. I always come out super energised, relaxed and grounded, no matter which class I did and in which mood I was in before.
Her classes are not just workouts, they are beautifully crafted sessions that take you on an inner journey of well being. After only a few sessions, I already felt physically and mentally stronger."

Zoe F. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As soon as you enrol, you will have access to the following content:

- the calendar with the links to the next LIVE practices on Zoom
- Transformative Movement Full Library, with 60+ full-length practices divided by movement style and intention/theme
- BONUS 1: The Transformational Power of Movement programme
- BONUS 2: 48+ tutorials in The Movement Library

Every month you will receive 4 new tutorials in BONUS 2, plus you will see the On-demand Library grow with new pre-recorded practices and recordings from the previous LIVE sessions.
You will have access to all of this for 180 days since the purchase date.

The whole programme is about shifting our focus from how our body looks like to how it feels like from the inside. By paying attention to our sensations when we move, we develop self-love, intuition and rootedness.
The programme is carefully designed around the integration of Yoga Psychology, Pilates, Barre, Breath-work, Cardio and Contemporary Dance, so you get a whole range of benefits: activating your metabolism, reducing stress, creating core strength, flexibility and sense of inner power, flooding your body with feel-good hormones, moving for the joy of moving, expressing your unique self.
This is the exact formula I use for myself, sometimes a bit more, sometimes less, but always having cross-training in mind.
If you struggle with consistency, this is a great system to keep you accountable and inspired. You are never left alone in your journey and you can follow a clear progression that brings you from building strong foundations to developing resilience, depth and joy in your practice.

Every sessions is open level, as different options to modify or progress are offered. The Movement Library is especially designed to break-down different positions and movements, so that you can clarify any doubts if anything feels unfamiliar during the practices.
As long as you stay patient and open-minded and you don't have any serious injuries or conditions that make physical activity dangerous for your body, you are more than welcome to join.
Support is offered through a Community space where you can ask questions about the practices, and if you wish to receive 121 consultations you can always book an online private training session with me, so we can clarify any doubts in details. 

You will only need a mat and a quiet space. For some of the sessions you might find it useful to have extra equipment (some suggestions here), but this is not a requirement, your own body is enough!

If for any reasons you decide to interrupt your programme, you can cancel your subscription from your Account. You will not pay any other fee and the access to the materials of the course will terminate on the day your card was originally meant to be charged for the new payment.

In case a scheduled LIVE class has to be cancelled, a new pre-recorded session will be uploaded within 24 hours or alternatively, a trusted and qualified guest teacher will step in to guide you LIVE whenever possible.

One-time payment

£397 (original value £864+)

Best value

3 instalments

£157 each

Byte-sized investment


"Vanessa's classes have a beautiful flow, pace and tone to them.
I gain a deep sense of peace and transformation during every class with her.
She creates a calm and supportive environment in which to learn, train and focus. Each class has a unique intention, perspective or approach, ensuring that I always take something new away from my practice".

Lizzy D.