For your eyes, body and mind only -
discover Private Transformation

For your eyes, body and mind only - discover Private Transformation

Sometimes you need training wheels before you can cycle like a pro.
Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand to figure skate and allow them to point you in the right direction.
Sometimes you need a personal coach to teach you a tricky subject in a way that only you understand. (Are we all thinking about maths, too?)

None of this makes you any less competent, smart or talented. In fact, if anything you and your mind are hyper aware of the way you see the world and how it in turn works for (and with) you.

This is where Private Training comes into the picture.

If you have anxiety arising out of one or multiple reasons, and you are confident those reasons come in the way of you learning something new, then this is the road for you.

Especially for you

Sessions you choose from will have weaved in practices tailor-made to suit your needs. We will work closely on the areas that concern you and slowly construct a practice that not only works best for you but is also slowly becoming more and more you.

Multidisciplinary approach

You wish to combine two techniques that you’ve observed work best for your body -- Barre and Pilates or Pilates and Yoga. Or, you think you want to expand your horizons in just one disciplinary practice, say, Yoga. You got it.

There won't be a shopping list

All you need to bring is your body and mind (just the way it is) every time you come on board. No extra equipment, fancy tools and accessories needed. Unless that’s something that you would  like to sculpt in during our sessions.


You don’t like too many people.

You don’t like people at all.
You can’t work around others’ speed.

You fear you don’t have enough speed and stamina and will take many breaks.

You can’t stop thinking about what others might be thinking.

You want to work on the way you think and feel about certain things, but you can’t mix working on these issues and working on your body, simultaneously.

You understand things better when you are directly spoken to.

You have issues you’d want my help with but can’t do it in front of everyone, obviously.

Your understanding of day and night is quite different from what is “socially acceptable”. Hence you need to work this around your schedule.

You want to take it slow. Or nay, you want it to go up a notch, or many. Why not? 


EXPLORE: 6 weeks package

  • Begin with a 15 minutes consultation where we get to know each other
  •  Three 121 - 45 or 60 minutes online coaching sessions.
  • 6 Transformative Movement recorded sessions selected specifically to meet your goals, for you to practice and refine during the 6 weeks.

ELEVATE: 8 weeks package

  • Begin with a 15 minute consultation where we get to know each other
  • Eight 121- 45 or 60 minute online coaching sessions.
  • BONUS: A personalised 30 minute movement sequence recorded especially for you (which is yours to keep), for you to practice and refine in-between sessions.


I would only take her classes. She is absolutely an amazing instructor. She is really professional and personable and has so much experience. She has helped me get so fit post baby #2 and I can't wait to get even stronger. Highly recommend!

Shen C.

I have lower back problems and needed to start exercising on a regular basis. I must say that I have never felt so mobile and flexible during my life. I see lot of experience and knowledge of the body and mind every time! I am so happy that I met her and can't recommend her highly enough! 

Radostina G.

Vanessa will always start and end the class with a smile.
She also has incredible knowledge and experience on the physical body and its relation to the mind. Our sessions leave me with a sense of peace and achievement.
No session is the same, and I have seen significant improvement on my form as we work on stretching and strengthening every single joint and muscle.
I cannot recommend her enough!

Margaux L.

Are you ready to discover a healthier and happier version of yourself?