Your home kit

Would you like to get extra support or intensity in your practice?
Here are my best recommendations to create the perfect home studio with affordable but quality Yoga and Pilates equipement.

Yoga Mat

by DiYogi

Eco-friendly, made in recycled materials and with a beautiful pattern and strong grip. I have Mandala Mat in grey and white.

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Yoga bricks and Pilates blocks

by Ekotec

Bricks are great to get more support in Yoga. Blocks are often used in Pilates for seated exercises and to create a deeper squeezing action.

Selection of bricks and blocks here.

Yoga/Pilates strap

by Ekotec

Straps are very useful to access deep stretches, especially when the hamstrings feel a bit tight.

Selection of straps here.


by Ekotec

Bolsters are great companions for our Restore and meditation practice, offering support and making seated positions more accessible or helping our body stay in long-held stretches while protecting our joints.

Selection of different bolsters in organic materials here.

Small Pilates Ball

This is one of my favorite props, especially for core work, as it can be used to really support the lower back when this is a delicate area.
The ball can also be used for many stability and rehab exercises for the joints.

Small ball available here.

Weighted balls

These props are really useful to work the upper body more and they feel much nicer than the traditional dumbbells.
You can choose from different weights (for small repetitive movements like the ones we most often perform in Pilates, even the 0.5kg works perfectly).

Selection of weighted balls here.

Loop bands

These bands are ideal if you want to work deeper in Pilates and Barre, as they naturally reduce the range of movement and increase the muscolar effort, while also helping improve the technique.
The light ones are perfect to work the lower body if the knees are a bit delicate, you can always vary the intensity of the work as you continue with your practice.

5 bands pack here.

Long elastic band

The elastic band is very useful in Pilates both for lower body and upper body work, and also to assist specific core exercises.

Selection of different straps here (you can choose the intensity).

Hope this can be helpful!
As always you can practice with no props at all or with substitutes you can find at home (books, belts, bean cans, old socks, cushions, no limits to creativity and recycling!), but sometimes it feels easier and more effective to use properly designed equipment.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Food for thought

Would you like to know more about the relationship between movement and mental health? The impact of stress on your body? How dance and exercise can improve your emotional wellbeing? The power of mindfulness and meditation on your brain?
These are some of my favourite books on the above topics, enjoy!