Ready to build and maintain your strength and flexibility, and feel energised, motivated and positive as your body changes through pregnancy?

Joyful movement in pregnancy.
How to adapt your Yoga, Pilates and Barre practice and keep you and your baby safe and healthy 

With so many confusing opinions, adapting your movement practice to your pregnancy in a safe and satisfying way can be challenging and I don't want you to miss a golden opportunity to prepare your body and mind for the best possible child birth experience.
Grab my ultimate guide to transform your training routine and stay strong and healthy in this very special time.

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If you have ever wondered...
Can I continue with my regular Yoga practice?
Do I need to focus on something specific in each trimester?
Can I still train my core and if so, what do I need to modify?

Good news: in this guide you will get all the answers.

Hi, I am Vanessa!

Movement has been my medicine and passion for my whole life.
In this guide I have condensed some of the best suggestions I have learned through my studies in Prenatal Pilates, Yoga and Coaching, and my own experience as a mum-to-be, so you can keep your body moving safely and maintain your strength and mobility for the duration of your pregnancy, without feeling bored or overwhelmed.
I can't wait for you to start this journey towards optimal physical and emotional wellbeing during this very special time!