The method

You generally only need a mat and a quiet space. For some of the practices you might want to integrate extra equipment (some suggestions here), but this is not a requirement, your own body will always be enough!

Transformative Movement is carefully designed around the integration of Yoga Psychology, Pilates, Barre, Breath-work, Cardio and Contemporary Dance, so you get a whole range of benefits: activating your metabolism, reducing stress, creating core strength, flexibility and sense of inner power, flooding your body with feel-good hormones, moving for the joy of moving, expressing your unique self. If you struggle with consistency, this is a great system to keep you accountable and inspired. You are never left alone in your journey and you can follow a clear progression that brings you from building strong foundations to developing resilience, depth and joy in your practice. The whole method is about shifting our focus from how our body looks like to how it feels like from the inside. By paying attention to our sensations when we move, we develop self-love, intuition and rootedness.

In case a scheduled LIVE class has to be cancelled, a new pre-recorded session will be uploaded within 24 hours or alternatively, a trusted and qualified guest teacher will step in to guide you LIVE whenever possible.

You don't need any previous experience to get started! Every sessions is open level, as different options to reduce the intensity or to progress are always offered. As long as you stay patient and open-minded and you don't have any serious injuries or conditions that make physical activity dangerous for your body, you are more than welcome to join. Support is always offered through a Community space where you can ask questions and if you wish to receive 121 consultations you can always book an online private training session with me, so we can clarify any doubts in details.

If you are looking specifically for introductory programmes, Pure Restore and Foundations of Yoga for Stress Relief are the perfect starting point for anyone who is new to Yoga.

Subscriptions & Billing (for Transformative Movement LIVE)

Yes, the billing cycle is monthly from your first payment date.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. To do so, please log in and select Account>>Billing from the dropdown menu at the top of the page on the right. No hidden fees and you’ll have access until the end of that billing cycle.

Given the time and effort in creating every programme, we are not able to offer refunds at this time. 

APP - beta version

Go to Play store or App store to download ZENLER app. Log in with your details and click on your desired course.
Please note the app is in beta and at the moment you can only access the course "Transformative Movement Full Library", "Back in the game with Pilates", "Daily movement rituals", "New beginnings" and "Pure Restore".