Know me. Some more

Let’s try to make this one-way communication a little more engaging, fluid and as two-way as possible.

And sorry, if I’m assuming the role of your Movement Guide already. But, if you are here and if at any given point, you think this isn’t the right place for you; then at the very least allow me to help you indulge in some experience for your mind and body -- and then let them guide you through.  


Breathe In.  Breathe Out. 

Breathe In. Let oxygen flow freely through your senses.
Breathe Out.

Do I have your attention, now? Good!

Hi, I am Vanessa!

Born in Italy. Now in London.
Danced more. Talked less.

Breathe In. From the bottom parts of your lungs.  Let it take over.
I started Ballet at the age of 4. I was shy and  learned to express myself through the medium of dance.  

Breathe Out. Your mind is now light. You are in the safe hands of your own mind. (That’s a human anatomy joke for you. And you must laugh or I will make you hold on to that breath much longer!)

Breathe In. 

I stopped moving purposefully, instead focused more on waltzing through an academic life. A formal education and PhD in Sociology/Museum Studies.

Movement was always in the back of my mind and in my backyard, but I never stopped wondering how it truly impacted my life - physically and more so, emotionally. That’s when I decided to take a leap of faith, drop everything, get a Master in Dance Performance and devote myself completely to my passion.
That's also when I took an interest in Neuroscience.  

This forged a new acquired knowledge that Movement isn’t just a physical activity. It is fascinating how our mind remembers different movements and how these affect our nervous system - how our body craves for a specific exercise and how this shapes our emotions.  

That sounds intelligent to me. That sounds not just a fat shredding and calorie burning task to me. That sounds like my dream. Perfect!

Breathe Out. Relax your body. Your neck. Your shoulders. Your legs. 

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Multiple times.
Small, consistent breaths.

My early foundations in Ballet made me a perfectionist. I was my own mentor, student and critic; all in one. I did so, so no one could realise I am flawed. Not realising everyone is.

I soon introduced myself to Somatic Dance and learnt what I wish to share - that mind and body are one. I learnt that when I danced I didn’t only move my body, I also stimulated my mind.

We think working out is for gym freaks, celebrities, and the most intimidating of them all: #Instafitgirls #instafitbabes or #CrunchToCrunchIntoYourWeddingDress. We might think a basic run or a quick jog in the morning pays the overdue bill of our body -- forgetting that we need to own our own body and mind.
You’re not a tenant in your body so, start renovating, remodelling and most importantly, owning it.

It took me 28 years to understand this and change my life forever. I did what I do best and I did it in the only way I understand -- by moving. I studied the art and transformative science of Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, Barre and Somatics. And then, I let my mind and body do the rest.

And, now I’m here. Bones and muscles intact! Still breathing. Still alive. If anything, more alive than I have ever been. So, I guess, it worked out fine. 

Now then,

Rest your hands on your belly. Breathe In. Let your belly expand into your palms.

You might very well be wondering why am I making this read so challenging, with such bizarre breathing exercises - surely that’s not a good marketing technique! But the truth is, this shouldn't be this bothersome at all. But it is, because for most of us - we find ourselves living life and breathing through it on autopilot. But, breathing more consciously will soon become second nature to you.

Breathe Out. Let your palms feel the lightness in that void when you empty your lungs.

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
In. Out.
In again and pause. 

Grace yourself.
There’s a reason why when you move, you can (and you should) gracefully. And, also the reason why they tell us to take defeats and losses as gracefully as possible.

(Because, well, grace is a beautiful word. Don’t say a word. I will not release the ‘breathe out’ command!)

So, now, exhale slowly and feel it leave its impact. 

Breathe In and now hold for 3 counts.

In most life-changing courses they ask you to abandon your doubts, your negative thoughts, your worries.
I urge you to bring them on-board.
And let’s make this a life-evolving experience.

Listen to your mind and body and I am very well assuming that it’s asking you to breathe.

Breathe Out and countdown to 5.



"Even though I now access to a wide variety of classes I have still not been able to find a teacher like Vanessa.
Vanessa is so passionate about her classes and she has a unique way of connecting the mind and body.
I always leave her classes feeling not only physically relaxed and revived but also mentally recharged."


"Vanessa is a fantastic teacher - so motivating and supportive. She has completely transformed my approach to health and exercise."


Some of the experiences I share to support and inspire you 

MA Dance Performance - Trinity Laban Conservatoire London

PhD Cultural Heritage - Polytechnic of Turin

Pre/Postnatal Coaching -GGS Academy

Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga Therapeutics - Dr Arielle Schwartz

Advanced Yoga Psychology 300h  - Yoga Psyche Soul

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety - The Minded Institute

Ante/Postnatal Pilates and Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions - Future Fit

Advanced Mat Pilates L3 - Future Fit

Mandala Vinyasa - The Yoga People

Yin Yoga - Sarah Lo Yoga

Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga 200h - Hari Om Yoga School

Barre 200h - Barrecore

Contemporary Dance Specialist - International Dance Association

Co.Dance Community Dance Programme - University of Turin

Where you might have met me teaching and speaking



Sweaty Betty


Third Space


Ekhart Yoga

Movement for Modern Life


Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Om Yoga Show

SoulCircus Festival

Balance Festival