Movement like language makes sense if it is built on a strong foundation. Otherwise all you have is letters and words and sentences that are devoid of the right tools of the language and all you’ll say words with no meaning and...

(Okay, that turned out to be a blabbering parade of an analogy. You should feel a sigh of relief that I won’t be conducting a workshop on how to write a novel any time soon.)

But, coming back to my point. There is a reason why one spends years perfecting their foundation and no, I am not going to make you do the same pose by a mountain’s cliff like Master Shifu to Panda in the movie Kung-Fu Panda, but I will make you understand what you are doing so you don’t think about this very movie while you are learning something new and challenging.

And, unlike the Panda, you have the option to choose which form of movement is best suited for you. What pacifies the battles within and outwardly and what kind of movement builds a bridge state-of-mind, connecting yours truly, body and mind.

So, beginners, explorers, curious cats and determined dogs - let’s take the first move


A, B, C's of Pure Restore

Master powerful tools to stretch, breathe and meditate, to destress your body and move more consciously.
Take a breath in and keep an open mind.

A, B, C's of Yoga for Stress Relief

What is Downward dog, what does it even do for me? Which poses will be most effective for my body? Can the right technique and breathwork effectively help me reduce stress?
Explore the basics of Yoga for Stress Relief for a calmer and healthier you.

A, B, C's of Building Immunity

A very concrete 5-days programme to build immune strength, inspired by the techniques of Yoga, Pilates and Barre.
Take a deep breath in and learn something new!

"A whole new world of body exploration and movement has been opened.
I love being able to slow down and explore different themes such as spiralling or articulating movement in each class; noticing how different my body responds when I start my week with a restore class and progress to more dynamic practices later in the week".

Annelisse P.

"The program became like a ray of sunshine in my week. I would make it through a hard day at work by looking forward to practicing my next video! Your classes were put together so thoughtfully and really complimented each other. The movement sequences that you guided us through in all of your classes always made my body feel calmer, better, healthier and more connected to my mind".

Monique O.