Movement for Stress Relief is the unique programme that helps you manage stress and anxiety and feel wonderful with a balanced blend of Yoga, Somatic Dance, Pilates, Barre and Breathwork.  


Learn and practice skills to cultivate a healthy, relaxed and joyous mind and body, respecting your energy levels and emotional states day by day. 



It was a completely new and exciting way to move my body and discover more confidence and flexibility.


Hi, I am Vanessa!

Mindful and Intuitive Movement as tools for self-knowledge, expression and healing have always been my big passion and emotional anchor since childhood.


Three decades later, I am still exploring the mysteries of the body and mind in motion and the benefits of somatic practices on the physical, mental and emotional level with the same enthusiasm. 


If you love Intelligent movement and want to feel more empowered, grounded and at ease in your skin please join me in one of my next live classes online or get in touch for your personalised programme


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