5 practices to uplevel your immune strength

5 practices to uplevel your immune strength

When we were children, we could learn things faster. We could fall on the ground or rise from a heartbreak in no time. We could do more things, feel more things, challenge ourselves more and not get tired.

Now, we are almost always in a perpetual state of tiredness. Must be the age!

Or, maybe, we just realised our body continues to work no matter what.

You breathe, you eat, you sleep (when sleep comes), so what more does it need?

But then, why is drinking lots of water, sleeping fine-ish and going on a new trending diet every six months not making you feel any less tired?

Our body wasn’t assigned a fixed energy power at birth nor was our mind wired to only feel a certain way.

We went on auto-pilot. And in auto-pilot we just repeat ourselves. We repeat pain in the lower back and we repeat stress -- unknowingly.

We forget to recharge, rewire and restore. We can regain that strength and that alertness if only we allowed ourselves. Maybe we binge one episode less of our favourite show (I know it’s hard, I am trying to fight it too.) Give ourselves somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes to work on our immunity so we can do everything we want, with more focus and much more endurance.


Vinyasa Flow, Barre, Pilates, Restorative Yoga.

That means Breathe Right, Stretch Right and Move Right.

Which also means heal in the most natural way possible.

Inform your body and mind that now you are starting the heal and repair process and let the work begin.

Build a defense mechanism that helps you fight regular stress and inflammation. (Life will keep throwing curve balls at you; but guess what -- you can totally make that curve ball dance to your tunes, if you try.)

Finally flush and release all those pent up toxins that have anchored you down and learn to stop hoarding pain -- be it in your neck, shoulders or in your mind.


  • DAY 1 - FLOW (Vinyasa) 50 minutes 

  • DAY 2 - EMPOWER (Pilates + Mobility) 50 minutes 

  • DAY 3 - RELEASE (Barre + Cardio) 50 minutes 

  • DAY 4 - BREATHE + RESTORE (Yin Yoga, Breathwork) 45 minutes 

  • DAY 5 - FLOW (Vinyasa) 60 minutes 

  • Practice at any time and anywhere. 

  • Practice at your own speed. You are competing with no one. Just evolving yourself. 

  • With all that new realised immunity you’ll have so much more to offer to yourself be it mentally or physically. 


Let’s see? Maybe you want to sleep over it? Maybe when you are in a better place? Maybe when you have less things on your plate?

Maybe when you’ll stop using the word “maybe.”

And if you have already, then you’ve made me proud already.

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A sustainable and balanced movement routine

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