How to activate your obliques safely and effectively

Do you struggle with waking up your abdominals safely? This sequence is all dedicated to activate your internal and external obliques.

Have you been trying to get stronger obliques with tons of bicycles and side planks? 

Good news, you can target the muscles around your waistline with other more gentle and slower exercises.

The secret is correct technique and mind and body connection.

First, what are we talking about when we mention our obliques? 

The obliques are two sets of abdominal muscles, the internal and the external obliques, which not only support us when we curl forward, but perhaps most importantly support every tilt and rotation of the spine. 

A well rounded movement practice wants to balance the work in every single area of the body, so make sure you include some obliques exercise too when you focus on your core. 

In our EMPOWER sessions we always incorporate obliques work with many creative variations, but for the moment enjoy the simple sequence below.

The video guides you through 2 different ways of doing this, with plenty of technical cues, so you can work effectively and safely (especially if you tend to get back pain when exercising).

We will look at:

✅  Keeping or centre stable as we move our legs sideways

✅  Twisting our spine, adding the movement of our arms to challenge stability.

👉  Enjoy the full 10 minutes practice here: 

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