Why you should take a 15 minutes movement break right now

Learn the powerful effects of movement on your mental clarity and enjoy a short standing Yoga sequence to open your hips and lower back

Making time to move a little bit each day is crucial and not only for the obvious reason, that what we don't use we lose and our body needs to functionally move in all directions to stay healthy.

Or that when we sit all day long our neck, shoulders, back and hips sooner or later start complaining.

It is also crucial because connecting to our body is one of the key ways to release mental stress and improve clarity and resilience, which are essential to face everyday challenges at work and in life in general.

If you regularly practice with me you might know this well, but let me recap some of the wonderful by-products of moving in a mindful way (what we do in each and every practice of Transformative Movement):

1. we learn how to tolerate discomfort better, and improve patience and self-acceptance
2. we improve our sense of agency: watching ourselves sustaining effort and getting more proficient and accurate when moving literally boosts our confidence and helps us break through limiting beliefs
3. we understand in an embodied way that sensations fluctuate and everything is transitory (like pain, emotions, thoughts) so we endure challenges more easily
4. we train our attention and learn how to manage our distractions better
5. we stimulate blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain, so we can think and solve problems with a fresh mind 

Especially when this is not part of our daily routine, making time for movement when you are busy is not that simple.

This is why I have filmed a short Yoga flow to help you wake up your whole body and especially unlock your hips and lower back. No seated postures, just standing action.

Ready to give it a try?

>>>Click here to enjoy a new 15 minutes Yoga flow to help you recharge and release tension from your hips and back.<<<

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