Transformative Movement is a unique method built on 4 movement pillars - Restore, Flow, Empower and Release, which embody Yoga for Mental Health, Pilates and Dance principles.

Informed by Neuroscience and a somatic approach, TM equips you with tools to improve your physical health, connect deeply with your body and achieve a balanced state of mind.

Every week you explore a varied and balanced range of practices (working on strength, flexibility, balance, posture, muscular endurance,  coordination and much more), which help you reduce your perceived stress, but also to build self-confidence and sense of agency when you feel stuck or lethargic.
The goal is to ultimately empower you to use your movement practice to understand which tools work best for you to mobilise energy, feel strong and open, and also to rest and recover more efficiently.
I truly believe our movement practice can transform our life and I hope you will enjoy this programme as much as I do!

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"She’s such a great teacher and is a conscientious and caring person, giving lots of explanations of the practise and offering different ways to do the movements to shape your own level or need. It doesn’t feel like following a class online, as she is always present, motivating you and giving corrections.
My body shape has completely changed, I am becoming stronger and stronger!"

Romane F.