Transformative Movement - LIVE online sessions

Much more than a workout

Enjoy carefully crafted and progressively themed practices that guide you though a journey of self-discovery and deep transformation.

Join from the comfort of your home, be part of the LIVE community, ask questions and receive support and guidance in your movement journey.


Pre-recorded or LIVE on Mondays 6.30pm UK time

Feel less contracted and more inward connected, spacious, and at ease with yourself.

Inspirations: Yin Yoga, Somatic Practice, Breathwork


Pre-recorded or LIVE on Saturdays 10am UK time

Cultivate fluidity, learn to trust your intuition and express your authentic voice.

Inspirations: Vinyasa Flow, Free Movement


Pre-recorded or LIVE on Wednesdays 8am UK time

 Feel stronger, in control and physically and mentally more resilient.
Cultivate better posture, core stability and precision.

Inspirations: Pilates, Mobility


Pre-recorded or LIVE on Thursdays 7pm UK time

Reconnect to your life energy, boost your vitality and joy, and get rid of excess tension with an uplifting and regenerating practice on music.

Inspirations: Barre, Cardio, Contemporary Dance

Upcoming LIVE online group sessions +48 hours video replay

Wednesday 12th 8am-8.45am EMPOWER (Pilates + Mobility)
Thursday 13th 7pm-7.45pm RELEASE (Barre + Contemporary Dance)
Saturday 15th 10am-11am FLOW (Vinyasa + Free Movement)

Wednesday 19th 8am-8.45am EMPOWER (Pilates + Mobility)
Thursday 20th 7pm-7.45pm RELEASE (Barre + Contemporary Dance)
Saturday 22nd 10am-11am FLOW (Vinyasa + Free Movement)

Monday 24th 6.30pm-7.15pm RESTORE (Yin Yoga + Meditation)
Wednesday 26th 8am-8.45am EMPOWER (Pilates + Mobility)
Thursday 27th 7pm-7.45pm RELEASE (Barre + Contemporary Dance)

Join with the best plan for you


£12 (£6 concessions)

No strings attached.

Join your desired session LIVE and enjoy an extra 48 hours access to the replay, so you can deepen your practice by repeating the sessions with no stress if you have last minutes changes.

Please write me at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the practice you wish to attend.



Your exclusive monthly membership including:

- at least 12 new practices a month from the different strands of the programme: Restore, Flow, Empower and Release.
Part in LIVE streaming on Zoom, part pre-recorded.

-unlimited access to the recordings of all the previous practices.
Watch at any time from anywhere, so you never miss a session!

TRANSFORMATIVE MOVEMENT (6 months membership)

£397 in full or 3 payments of £157 each

Your movement & mindset 6 months programme including:
- 6 months membership (72+ NEW pre-recorded and LIVE sessions with recordings)
- unlimited access to the recordings of all the previous practices.
- monthly self-development inspirations
- BONUS 1: The Transformational Power of Movement (6 modules self study course to regulate your mood with your physical practice)
- BONUS 2: The Movement Library (step-by-step video tutorials to learn best techniques in Yoga, Pilates and Barre)

The cost of a coffee a day for a unique training & self-development plan!

Looking forward to moving with you!

"She’s such a great teacher and is a conscientious and caring person, giving lots of explanations of the practise and offering different ways to do the movements to shape your own level or need. It doesn’t feel like following a class online, as she is always present, motivating you and giving corrections.
My body shape has completely changed, I am becoming stronger and stronger!"