Yoga for Stress Relief Starter Kit

Is this you?

You feel stress and tension are negatively affecting your physical and mental health, and as a consequence your relationships and career.

You struggle with slowing down because your life is always too busy 

You would like to try meditation and stretching but don't quite know where to start from

You would like to increase mental clarity, energy, focus and flexibility, so you can be more productive and resilient to stress

Then these practices are for you!

Stress in itself is not a bad thing: it is through challenges that push us out of our comfort zone that we grow and develop.
The problem is, many of us are stuck in a semi-permanent hyper-vigilant state, the "fight or flight mode", as our minds are constantly ruminating over anxious thoughts, never taking a break to restore. When this happens, not only we lose psychologic resilience and capacity to focus clearly, but also not much energy is left for immunity, so we get ill more often, even change the way our genes are expressed, and respond with fear, anger, anxiety or depression by default to whatever we encounter in our daily life.
This introductory course will help you experience the benefits of movement, breathing and meditation on the management of the physical and emotional symptoms of stress, so you can improve your energy levels, feel more rested and less overwhelmed.

"I always leave her classes feeling not only physically relaxed and revived but also mentally recharged".

Monique O.

Hi, I am Vanessa!

Movement has been my medicine and passion for my whole life.
In this free course you can find some of the most effective techniques I have learned from Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness, so that you can improve your stress regulation and feel more flexible in your body and mind.

I can't wait for you to start this journey towards inner connection, deep relaxation and optimal physical and emotional wellbeing!

What is included in your FREE course?


a list of calming Yoga postures to reduce your stress levels and relax your muscles (from The Transformational Power of Movement programme)


a 60 minutes soothing evening Yoga practice (video recording)


A 7 minutes breathing practice to calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation (from The Transformational Power of Movement programme)

"It felt as if the tension in my cramped body could finally release. You were really respectful and gave many options to choose from, so I was stimulated to really listen to my body and tailor my practice to what I needed."

Meriam B.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This course is designed to introduce you to some powerful Yoga techniques to support your mental health, so it is a wonderful entry point for anyone who is new to the practice and it also offer more experienced students a new perspective on the benefits of movement beyond pure physical wellness. All the positions are offered with modifications and variations, and the pace is slow enough to give you the time to listen to your body and check how you feel in different configurations. Some simple concentration techniques are also presented, so you can also start getting familiar with different meditation practices and understand what works best for you. 

As a general suggestion, in this kind of work there is no right or wrong way of "doing" the poses. Every body has a different best way of expressing the poses depending on many factors. Try and listen to the desired sensations and actions in the body instead of copying exactly the shapes: with the time you will learn how to adapt each pose to find the right amount of stretching and compressing that you need. For this specific style of Yoga, a good rule of thumb is to try and keep the sensation in a range of 60-80%. You want to feel some effects on your body, but never pain, so if in doubt back off a little and notice where you can achieve a safe and balanced sensation. In general if you can't breathe slowly or you notice your facial muscles are gripping, you are likely pushing too hard.
If you are still in doubt please get in touch here to book a private consultation.

There is so much to explore when it comes to using movement, breath and mindfulness to improve our physical and mental health, and what you will experience in this course is only a tiny part.
If you wish to learn more relaxing floor-based techniques to stretch your body and focus your mind, Pure Restore is the programme for you: get immediate access to the 12 sessions here.

Please write me at if you have any other questions, thank you!

Learn how to naturally shift your mind and body into a calm state

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