Stress, overthinking, tension, worry, anxiety, restlessness, repressed feelings, stagnancy are all demonised emotions. It’s almost as if we hate to feel them whenever we do. We are told to not worry or overthink or get worked up over every little thing.  

Question: Are we told not to be too happy? To stop smiling? To quit being so full of optimism?

As Carl Jung would point out, “what we resist persists.” So why do we spend so much time on the defense and out of acceptance?

Let's practice understanding our emotions instead of fighting against them. And when they get too much to handle, let's use powerful tools to calm our nervous system in a natural way and improve our resilience.

Let’s be mindful and move with all our emotions.

Reclaim your body and mind, your light and your shadows in their wholeness.


A 5 weeks plan of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga practices, designed to shift your nervous from overwhelmed and unfocused to safe and grounded.

That means breathwork and movement, deep stretches and guided visualisations.

Build your foundations at your level. If you’ve never done this before then you are doing it now.

Once you are rooted in your foundation, branch out to different variations for every pose.

Different themes and intentions every week.

That means hit the pause button on your body and mind, and give them an actual breather and a small restart.

Feel a sense of emerging security and balance as you progress week by week..


  • Five Structured Yoga Practices. 

  • Set a foundation (if you don’t have one already.)

  • Inclusive and accessible variations to play around with. 

  • Don’t just try to attack and abolish stress, but learn how to recognise the physical and mental symptoms before they become too big to handle.

  • Practice at any time and anywhere. 

  • Practice at your own speed. You are competing with no one. Just progressing. 

  • Finally, learn tools that will come handy when the going gets tough. 


You tell me?! 

Like, literally, tell me now.   

Get immediate access.  

Enjoy unlimited access for 180 days from the time of your purchase. 

And, when in doubt I am an e-mail away. 

"I always leave her classes feeling not only physically relaxed and revived but also mentally recharged".

Monique O.

Your practices, week by week


Grounding and recovering a sense of safety


Extending the exhalation to calm the mind


Finding balance and focus


Integrating our emotions with no judgement


Cultivating loving kindness

BONUS 1 & 2

Evening Restorative Practice (30 minutes)
How to practice diaphragmatic breathing (5 minutes tutorial)

"It felt as if the tension in my cramped body could finally release. You were really respectful and gave many options to choose from, so I was stimulated to really listen to my body and tailor my practice to what I needed".

Meriam B.

Hi, I am Vanessa!

Movement has been my medicine and passion for my whole life.

In this programme I have condensed the wisdom from Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, so that you can improve your stress regulation and feel more flexible in your body and mind.

I can't wait for you to start this journey towards inner connection, deep relaxation and optimal physical and emotional wellbeing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This course is designed to give strong foundations to use your Yoga practice to support your mental health, so it is a wonderful entry point for anyone who is new to the practice and it also offer more experienced students a new perspective on the benefits of movement beyond pure physical wellness. All the positions are explained in details with modifications and variations, and the pace is slow enough to give you the time to listen to your body and check how you feel in different configurations. Some simple concentration techniques are also offered, so you can also start getting familiar with different meditation practices and understand what works best for you. 

As soon as you enrol, you will receive an email from info@vanessamichielon.com, with all the details to enter your course page.

You will have access for 180 days from purchase day.

As a general suggestion, in this kind of work there is no right or wrong way of "doing" the poses. Every body has a different best way of expressing the poses depending on many factors. Try and listen to the desired sensations and actions in the body instead of copying exactly the shapes: with the time you will learn how to adapt each pose to find the right amount of stretching and compressing that you need. For this specific style of Yoga, a good rule of thumb is to try and keep the sensation in a range of 60-80%. You want to feel some effects on your body, but never pain, so if in doubt back off a little and notice where you can achieve a safe and balanced sensation. In general if you can't breathe slowly or you notice your facial muscles are gripping, you are likely pushing too hard.
If you are still in doubt please get in touch here to book a private consultation.

Learn to release stress with Yoga 

Please write me at info@vanessamichielon.com if you have any questions not listed in the F.A.Q. above, thank you!

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