Informed by 30 years of passionate study of movement through many disciplines, I have developed the desire to support people to experience a deeper mind and body connection, with genuine curiosity and self-examination.


My approach to teaching Yoga is non-dogmatic, Somatics informed and unapologetically influenced by my dance background. Actually, for me Dance and Yoga have been so deeply interconnected that, as long as intellectual honesty is preserved and the history of this relationship investigated, in my classes I like to keep the boundaries as fluid as possible, and offer what I have learned through both in the most seamless way. 


Initially qualified in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with Hari Om Yoga School, I further specialized in Mandala Yoga with The Yoga People, Yin and Meditation with Sarah Lo, and Rocket with David Kyle.

My classes are conceived as an uninterrupted flow of breath, with both attention to safe alignment and free space for playful and creative exploration. 

Combining Yoga with Somatics, and studies in Dance psychology and Flow theory, I like encouraging my students to consider physical and mental optimum wellbeing as equally important goals on the mat, to become more self-aware and to take informed decisions regarding their own practice, experimenting both with control and surrender, and hopefully bringing these possibilities to their daily life.

I believe everybody has the right to discover and express herself/himself through movement, and one of my deepest wishes is to help people love themselves a bit more taking distance from the misleading "standard body/standard alignment" discourse.


I hope to share soon what I know with you in one of my next group, private and corporate classes, or special events and retreats in London and abroad!

Photo by @miss_divelta