Screendance short film by Jacopo Landi and Vanessa Michielon


Dance and thoughts: Emanuela Boldetti, Alberto Cissello, Saara Maaria Hurme, Vanessa Michielon

Cinematography, editing and postproduction: Jacopo Landi

Camera (Torino): Luigi Migliore

Camera (London): Jacopo Landi

Sound Design: Paolo Armao

Original Music: Andrea Fusaro

Voices: Gretchen Erickson, Daisy Harrison, David Layne, Leanne Oddy, Emily Rutherwood.


Realized with the support of Coordinamento Danza Piemonte – La Danza in 1 minuto




What happens when we suspend all our actions to question them? What do we think about before performing a new gesture or encountering someone else? By making visible the immaterial layer of thoughts, the video aims at revealing the inner dimension of the dancer and at investigating the relationship between stream of consciousness and flow of movement. Overcoming the paralysis of doubt, we can enter the state of flow, where there is no need for interruptions to reflect, because we are so involved in our actions that they follow each other in a natural way.



Watch on Vimeo




*Screenings at Romaeuropa 29° Festival (Rome, 06/11/2014)
*Screenings at Too short to wait - Piemonte Movie gLocal Film Festival ed. 2015 (Turin, 15/02/2015)
*Screenings at Northam Film and Music Festival 2015 (USA, 03/2015)
*Official Selection at Short Waves Festival 2015 (Poland, 24/03/2015)
*Official Selection at TEES DANCE FILM FEST (Uk, 14/05/2015)
*Screenings at Northam Film and Music Festival 2015 (USA, 03/2015)
*Screenings at Ipercorpo 2015 (Forlì, 28-31/05/2015)
*Screenings at Festival FIDAS 2015 (Accademia Albertina, Turin, 07-08/2015)
*Official Selection at MIV - Videodance International Show 2015 // danca en foco (Rio de Janeiro, 10/2015)
*Official Selection at Dance Film Festival UK 2015 // Screening at The Festival Day 2015 (London, 08/08/2015) 
*Official Selection at InShort Film Festival 2015 // Screening internationally (London, Gdansk, 04/09/2015)
*Screenings at Off the Lip 2015 // CogJam Program (Plymouth, UK, 10/09/2015)
*Official Selection at Movies By Movers Festival 2015 // Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (U.S. NC,18/09/2015)

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