The method

A transformational movement experience 

This unique method helps you move out of stress, and learn and practice skills to cultivate a healthy and focused bodymind.  
By having physical and emotional experiences that contradict helplessness, contraction and fear we break the stress loop and reshape our nervous system.
These practices invite you into a journey through Yoga, Dance, Pilates, meditation and deep listening. They guide you back into the body and teach you how to be soft, open, grounded and joyous, the best version of yourself!

Celebrate your true Self through movement

"Just moving in that fluid, water-like way brought me a sense of freedom in this otherwise very controlled time." 


"A whole new world of body exploration and movement has been opened. I love being able to slow down and explore different themes such as spiralling or articulating movement in each class; noticing how different my body responds when I start my week with a restore class and progress to more dynamic practices later in the week". 


4 strands to create balance

Select a practice that meets your unique needs


Reconnect to your life energy, boost your vitality and get rid of excess tension with an uplifting and regenerating practice on music.
Wake up every single muscle, learn simple movement combinations and sweat any restlessness out. Ideal if you need to exhaust your body before being able to fully relax.  

Inspirations: Barre, Contemporary Dance, Cardio
Intensity: 7-8


Practice relaxation techniques and stretches that target specific nerves and improve your flexibility and ability to listen to your body.
This is the ideal practice if you need a gentle but profound way to tune into your body and breath.

 Inspirations: Yin Yoga, Pranayama (breath-work), Somatic Practice
Intensity: 1-2


Feel stronger, in control and physically and mentally more resilient. Through the practice you cultivate better posture, core stability and precision in the way you move. Being able to notice your progress helps you feel a sense of agency and fulfilment.

Inspirations: Pilates, Mobility work, Barre
Intensity: 5-8


Dive into a moving meditation that opens your body and shifts you from a survival to a creative state. By cultivating receptiveness and fluidity, you reconnect to the voice of your body, learn to trust your intuition and feel more confident and harmonious.

Inspirations: Vinyasa Flow, Somatic Dance, Free Movement, Qi Gong
Intensity: 3-6

Your words

"I adore Vanessa's classes. I love how there is always intent and purpose behind the movements, you feel like you're learning while working out at no extra effort. She has such a calm and gentle energy, but she's really a hard taskmaster! You always sweat, shake and burn at the same time as being loosened out and limbered up. Cannot recommend her highly enough, for any level." 

Jessy B. C. 

"Your teaching is really superior to anything I’ve experienced so far, the classes are fun (even thought it hurts!) and my body and posture have become much stronger in such a short period of time". 

Zoe F. 

"It felt as if the tension in my cramped body could finally release. You were really respectful and gave many options to choose from, so I was stimulated to really listen to my body and tailor my practice to what I needed."

Meriam B. 

Are you ready to start your bodymind transformation?

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