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Discover the proven roadmap to a sustainable and stressless training routine, so you can save time, energy and money and get the healthy body mind you deserve.

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What you will get:



  • 5 days of mindful movement, from Yoga to Dance, Pilates to Barre

  • The "Create a sustainable training routine at home" checklist that will help you optimise your results





What you will learn:



  • the top 7 mistakes we make when trying to start a movement routine (and the secrets to stop quitting!)

  • the proven roadmap that takes away all the guesswork, so you know exactly what to do with your body week by week, still giving yourself freedom to adapt based on how you feel

  • how a balanced and varied movement "diet" can help you stop anxiety and overwhelm take over your life, so you can save time and energy to focus on what is important for you.


From previous immersions...

Hi, I am Vanessa!


I have been in love with movement my whole life, since I put my first Ballet shoes on at the age of 4. 

Movement is my number 1 medicine to reduce stress and find mental clarity and cultivate a more joyous outlook. It never fails to rebalance my energies and make me feel good!


Even though, I have often been struggling with finding motivation and consistency with keeping a training routine, especially during my University years and later as a freelancer with time management issues.

Luckily, by coaching many busy professional women and testing on myself, I have come to develop a holistic movement roadmap that makes it super easy to train regularly in a balanced way.


If you are tired to be dissatisfied with the way you feel in your body and you are ready for a change, this is your opportunity to embrace the healthy lifestyle you have been dreaming of!


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