My top 3 Pilates exercises to mobilise the spine and relieve back pain

How wonderful would it be to feel more mobile and pain free in our back without having to see the physio every other day?

Due to my mild scoliosis since childhood, I used to suffer from lower back discomfort to the point of not being able to stand still for more than half an hour without feeling muscle spasm.

Then I met Pilates (not Joseph, but his method)..

By working on core stability, spine mobility and balanced posture, Pilates is my go-to method for all my clients who want to relieve physical pain, prevent and heal injuries and keep their spines young and healthy.

Here are 3 of my most effective exercises you can literally do every day to improve core strength and support your back.

As always please consult your doctor if you have serious health issues before joining any new exercise programme.

1. Cat stretch

A classical spine mobilisation exercise. Try and focus on the areas of the back that usually feel tighter and move them with the same details as the others.

2. Shoulder bridges

A massage for your back and gentle strengthening for your back and hamstrings. Try with different positions of your feet, from a wider stance (generally more comfortable for the back) to feet together (more intense).

3. Half way roll up

This is a great core strengthener. Feel free to catch your thighs as you roll down and up or separate your feet to make this more gentle. With the time you can progress and roll all the way down sequentially, then come up smoothly without using momentum.

Want to try a full 45 minutes workout and really create the foundations for an effective and healthy posture? You can join me every week live online (or follow the recorded version): search for the next EMPOWER session here and get ready to feel stronger and more mobile, so you can stop worrying about your back pain and enjoy all the activities you like!

See you soon!


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