5 reasons why you need a Yoga retreat in 2020

Do you feel the need to press pause and relax, and to experiment with the possibility of a healthy life style and devise positive changes on the long term?

A Yoga retreat might be your right choice and here are some of the reasons why I truly believe we all need to regularly treat ourselves with a wellness journey.

1. You put your health and wellbeing at the centre: if you are constantly worrying about someone else and literally have no time for your physical, mental and emotional self, a retreat is the ultimate healing and self -care experience.

There you can enjoy carefully prepared healthy food, undisturbed sleep and lots of opportunities to slow down.

Do you tend to indulge in sugar, processed products or alcohol, may be have rushed meals and snacks, always on the go? With a filling but organic and well-balanced meal plan, you can twist your habits and may be change them for good. Your gut and mind will thank you!

2. Your movement practice reaches the next level: whether you have been studying Yoga for a long time or you have just started, this beautiful practice is truly is available for everyone and there is always something new to learn.

On a retreat you are guided consistently by the same teacher and finally get answers to the questions you often don’t have the time to ask. As the group is much smaller than in a regular class, there is much more personal attention on you, which means you can receive individual modifications and progressions to include in your own training.

Technique workshop are also the perfect opportunity to break down poses and movements, and delve deeper into specific aspects of the discipline for a fresher approach to your own movement journey.

3. You have time to fully relax and see the big picture. Sometimes it’s difficult to take decisions or break negative habits when we’re caught in the swirling of our daily routine. Even on holiday, we might end up doing and seeing a lot, without really pausing.

On a retreat free time is scheduled in your day to completely unwind and absorb the benefits of the physical practice with rest, but also achieve clarity in your vision. Unless you want to enjoy extra activities, you can make good use of these moments of stillness and silence to evaluate your current circumstances from a distance and may be to conceive new exciting projects or face those aspects of your life you often push on the side.

Every single time I go on a retreat I experience a creativity spike and I take on new commitments with clarity and courage, so I always make sure I pack a journal to collect fresh ideas and do some self-reflection.

4. You can embrace digital detox and finally give meditation a good chance. On many retreats you are encouraged to switch off the phone and keep distractions to a minimum. With most of our day constantly ruled by social media, emails and job calls, purposefully disconnecting for a period of time is a powerful way to get back to basics and appreciate our life off the screen (may be read that book that has been waiting to be opened for a long time now).

When the mind is less targeted by constant disrupting messages, it can be much easier to practice meditation and carry the post-class calmness with you through the rest of the day.

5. You can enjoy the anti-stress effect of nature. My favourite retreats are those in the middle of nature, away from the noise of the city or the buzz of a touristic location.

Breathing practices in the green and outdoor movement sessions become even more effective because of the therapeutic effect of nature exposure.

Taking time to notice and appreciate the small details around you and the spectacle of nature has been proven to immediately boost our mood and strengthen our immune system.

Going on a Yoga retreat is an experience you really deserve, which will leave you feeling rested, more grounded, refreshed and inspired.

If you want to join us in Umbria this Summer you are still on time to book your spot with £100 off.

Find all the details here and please get in touch for any questions!

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