Held in the comfort of your home and tailored on your needs and goals, private sessions will give you the opportunity to deeply focus on your own practice.

We will work together to strengthen, align, stretch and gain a more profound understanding of postures and movements, as well as breathing and meditation techniques.

This will be a safe space to ask questions, learn modifications and adjustments that respect your individual body, while progressing quicker in your practice.


Unless you want to master specific techniques and vocabularies of movement, I tent to proceed as a "bricoleur": we chat about how you would like to feel in the long term, and I combine the best tools from different practices to help you achieve your goals, always happy to readjust and change trajectory depending on how your body and mind respond to the initial offering.


For instance, sometimes people come to me as they want to improve specific Yoga postures, but we end up recognising that what they need to start with is actually retraining basic movement patterns towards better functionality and posture with Pilates.



With a specialisation in Pilates for Orthopedic Conditions and Pre/Post Natal Pilates and 200 hours of Training in Barre, I can also help you sculpt a stronger, leaner and more toned body and improve your overall movement awareness and alignment, while keeping your joint safe if you are injured or getting back to training.





Private session ONLINE now available, please write me for all the details.


















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