Held in the comfort of your home and tailored on your needs and goals, private coaching sessions give you the opportunity to deeply focus on your own practice.

We work together to strengthen, align, stretch and gain a more profound understanding of postures and movements, as well as breathing and meditation techniques.

This is a safe space to ask questions, learn modifications and adjustments that respect your individual body, while progressing quicker in your towards your wellness goals.



Are you tired of feeling:

  • cramped, stiff, in physical pain?

  • lethargic and not able to focus properly?

  • self-coscious when you look at yourself in the mirror?

  • restless and fatigued?

  • overwhelmed by the thought of how much effort it would take you to start a regular exercising routine?



Are you ready to:

  • lift your mood?

  • release tension from your body?

  • feel strong, energised and healthy?

  • get the self-confidence that allows you to stand in front of everyone with pride?

  • master the natural tools that help you manage stress and shift your body and nervous system in healing mode?

  • recharge and rebalance, whatever challenges your job or personal life are throwing at you?

  • have your body and mind in order to achieve whatever you want with clarity?



When you work with me you discover, your journey to physical health is not about superficial quick fixes, but about creating a long-lasting change, that will bring you feelings of safety, accomplishment and deep transformation.

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