Tired of not moving enough and feeling sluggish, cramped, unfocused and unfit?

Of scrolling through YouTube or Instagram searching for the right workout, paying for apps you never use and ending up always stuck at the same point?


Let me help you build an intelligent and sustainable training routine once and for all, so you can move away from pain, frustration and energy imbalances, and spend more quality time doing the things you love!



Join The Overjoyed Body 12 weeks transformation and get healthy, fit, balanced and resilient to stress just in time for Christmas!




Total value: £621, but only the first 15 people can join for £197 (save £424)





Hurry up, cart closes on 27th September 

We start moving on 28th September!

What is in the programme?



  • 12 weeks of mindful movement, each week a different focus, from grounding to finding intention, aligning to building resilience

  • 4 self-practice + live streaming sessions every week, all different, all designed to keep you balanced and fit (worth £480)

  • 3 special workshops to learn everything about safe technique and correct execution of Yoga, Pilates and Barre movements and positions (worth £141)

  • 1 accountability group to ask me questions and receive extra bonus materials (stress management tools, meditations, movement research articles..)

Never worked with me? Don't take my word for granted..



  • Who is the programme for?

The programme is for everyone who wants to experience the tremendous power of movement on their physical and emotional health. If you are working with severe injuries or special conditions you are advised to talk to your doctor and get in touch with me at info@vanessamichielon.com for a brief consultation.


  • What will I get out of the programme?

You will get expert training in Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Breathwork and free movement. The benefits of these combined practices include but are not limited to improved immune defence, increased flexibility, core strength, mental focus, pain reduction, sense of fullfilment, self-love and confidence, general wellbeing. 

By the end of the programme you will have built the sustainable habit of movement.


  • What if I can’t attend the live classes?

No problems, live streaming classes are perfect to receive personal feedback from me, but if you can’t attend you will receive the video recording, so you can access the content anytime and anywhere during the 12 weeks. 


  • How long will the sessions be available for?

The recordings of the sessions will be available till 20th December 2020.

Once the programme has finished you will be able to still access the Facebook group and all the resources available in that space. A 6 months notice will be given in case the group has to be closed for any reasons.


  • Which equipment do I need?

You will only need a mat and a quiet space. For some of the sessions you might find it useful to have a pillow, a block (or book) and a strap (or towel/belt), but this is not a requirement. 


  •  What makes it different from any other training programme?

The whole programme is about shifting our focus from how our body looks like to how it feels like from the inside. By paying attention to our sensations when we move, we develop self-love, intuition and rootedness.

The programme is carefully designed around the integration of Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Breath-work, Cardio and Contemporary Dance, so you get a whole range of benefits: from activating your metabolism, reduces stress, creates core strength and flexibility, and floods the body with feel-good hormones!

This is the exact formula I use for myself, sometimes a bit more, sometimes less, but always having cross-training in mind.

If you struggle with consistency, there is a system in place to keep you accountable, so you are not left alone in your journey and a clear progression that brings you from building strong foundations, developing resilience to finding clear movement intentions and integrating playfulness and joy in your practice.



Any other questions? Please feel free to write me at info@vanessamichielon.com, I am here to help!










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