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Ph. Jacopo Landi, Trent McMinn.


23 Dec 2019

Living with anxiety is exhausting.

Obsessive thoughts, racing heart, shaking legs, irritability, shallow breathing, in short.. a big mess.

When we are stuck in a persistent semi-panic mode, our agitation and rumination start to interfere negatively with our daily choices...

24 Sep 2019

The breath pattern is really the first movement we do when we are born, that’s why so many practices centre the cycle of inhaling and exhaling to help us rediscover a connection with our “unspoilt”, primal nature.

The following is one of the most simple, yet liberating...

9 Dec 2018

Yesterday I was chatting with another Dancer/Yoga teacher I just met and in 5 minutes we were already talking about how much "easier" it is for us to teach Yoga rather than Dance, how we feel the first is a much more emotionally safe place for us to be, while the secon...

23 May 2018

Do you get easily irritated and struggle with making plans and taking action? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, your Liver and Gallbladder might be suffering from excess or stagnant Chi (energy).

Some Yin Yoga poses, held in stillness for a significant amo...

3 Feb 2018

Yin Yoga is practice of stillness and awareness, which deeply connect us with the present moment and transforms our energy, rebalancing the vitality of our organs.

The following sequence of long held postures not only acts on a deep level on the connective tis...

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