Screendance short film by Jacopo Landi and Vanessa Michielon


Cinematography, editing and postproduction: Jacopo Landi

Dance, thoughts and sound: Vanessa Michielon




For Czsikszentmihalyi, flow is the optimal experience, the sense of seemingly effortless movement. Flow occurs when we become so involved in what we are doing that we stops being aware of ourselves as separate from the actions we are performing.
"More than you think" explores the internal invisible dimension of a dancer, her immersion in a state of enhanced perception but also her struggle to escape overthinking.
Indeed, the flow experience involves a lack of the sense of worry about losing control: in this merging of action and awareness, "there is no need to reflect, because the action carries us forward as if by magic".



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*First Prize of the Jury, production grant under 30, Best Editing and Best Cinematography mentions by Cinedans at COORPI - La danza in 1 minuto 2013 contest (Turin, 16/11/2013).

*Screenings at Cinedans Festival 2014 (Amsterdam, 15/03/2014)

*Screenings at Sguardi Altrove Festival 2014 (Milan, 14/03/2014)

*Official Selection and TOP 10 Films for (Copenhagen, 2014)

*Official Selection at International Dance Online Short Film Festival - idill (Brussels, Paris and London, 2014)

*Screenings at Bolzano Danza - 30° Festival Edition (Bolzano, 14-26/07/2014)

*Screenings at NU DANCE FEST (Bratislava, 04/11/2014)

*Screenings at Romaeuropa 29° Festival (Rome, 06/11/2014)

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