A transformational movement journey, a path towards physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for

the curious mind.

In this signature program, we work on increasing mobility, personal sensory awareness, coordination and motor control, to discover a new and more mindful way of inhabiting our bodies and moving with intention

We explore visualisation techniques and practices from Somatics and Yoga to expand our bodily awareness for a more playful, soulful and enjoyable experience on and off the mat.

Every month we focus on specific themes and movement qualities, and thread them in a creative Yoga flow.
















  • a deeper knowledge of how your body and mind work

  • freedom from the habits and conditioning that limit your possibility of expression

  • confidence to move with clearer intention and sense of purpose

  • tools to tap into your creativity and intuition with a positive effect in every aspect of your life







She created a safe and comforting environment and brought me to a blissful state of awareness and presence, unaware of the passing time, as we moved through various movement exercises. I left feeling grounded yet elevated and as a dancer I was inspired to explore alternative ways to move my body - Marta L.




The Landscapes of the Body sessions are a unique way to connect with your body and understand how it moves. The rolling and spiralling session was a perfect example of this that has helped me think about my yoga practice and transitions in a different way and I have found improved my balance. Although I don't have a lot of dance or yoga experience, I love that these sessions give me more self-awareness of my body without making me self conscious. Vanessa directs the sessions in such a way that you are free to explore the joy of movement, but constantly learning at the same time. - .Juliet C.



I’ve been attending Vanessa’s workshops for about 12 months now. The sessions aren’t just another set of poses to run through; based on different themes, Vanessa looks at how we can create movement and sensations within the normal asanas, bringing a sense of elegant flow and alignment to our bodies and which can be incorporated into most of the different styles of Yoga we may practice elsewhere. I’m also more towards the mature stage in life so I find the aspects of movement free-up my limbs far more effectively than just doing static poses. I can absolutely recommend the workshops to anyone who is looking to explore new avenues in their Yoga practice. - Chris L.



Even though I had no previous experience with contemporary dance, I felt able to follow and engage with all the elements of the practice. It was a completely new and exciting way to move my body and discover more body confidence and flexibility. - Michaela M.








Saturday 25th January 3pm-5pm: Rolling and spiralling 


Saturday 22nd February 2pm-4pm: Movement for Stress relief


Saturday 26th September 2pm-4pm: Skin senses


TBC: Spine Architectures




Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Road 
London, E3 5QZ 





Single workshop: £35 (Early Bird £30, when booked 10 days before each workshop; 

full refund for cancellations 21 days before the date of the workshop, no refund available after)









Navigate the landscape of your body and 

positively transform the way you feel in your own skin

within a community of like-minded movers.

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