As part of Scatterlings collective: Izzy Brittain, Saara Maria Hurme, David Kam, Vanessa Michielon, Leanne Oddy

All Over & Everywhere is a collaboratively devised, playfully cut-and-paste, anarchic dance theatre work. Using only a backpack, a stick, a black hoody and an outdated burgundy pocket composed of dead cow and colonies, this piece asks; why is half the feeling of home resting on a document? Think of bird flight, digestion and clouds – we’re not separate!

Borne out of thorny issues surrounding nations, migration, belonging and beyond, this work deals with post-Brexit blues and bad news via ritual folk dances and the creation of a border-less Republic. It is an act of delicate DIY activism, a tongue-in-cheek experiment in collective imagining, and a therapeutic freedom dance for the assorted wounds in our world that need fixing.

As the Dis-united Kingdom descends further away from the ideals of solidarity and unity, All Over & Everywhere sticks it to the man, insists ‘don’t let the buggers grind you down’, and reminds us that transformation is but an act of ordinary magic. It is both swansong and dreamtime-tale, for this, our precarious existence - because we would all do well to remember that, just like any good story, change rarely occurs in the way one might expect…


15th February at The Place Theatre for Resolution 2017

14th March at Seven Arts Leeds for Scratch Night

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Photo: Emily May

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